Social event planning. Simplified.


Plan events with your friends
from your smartphone, tablet or browser.

Eventbrite and Whatsapp finally had a lovechild with superhuman Paypal powers.


We got you covered for iPhones, Android tablets and Linux PCs. Biletu works on all devices. Except not on your typewriter. Sorry, Brooklyn.

Real-time interaction.

No more scrolling through endless conversations, searching for that one message that had the directions to a friend of a friend’s house. Click once to get the information you need.

100% Free.

For events up to 75 people with up to 200 photos and 50 videos, Biletu is gratis. For $4.99, plan events with unlimited guests, photos, videos, and more.
Plan your very own Tomorrowland.

Stay Informed.

One click gets you everything you need to know about your event. Who, what, where, when, and why. It’s all there. Create your own events in Biletu or load them from your Facebook account. Add a to-do list to keep your friends on task or run a poll if you can’t decide between a happy hour with free bacon and the one with 2-for-1 wings.

Split Costs.

You know that one friend who never has cash? And never pays you back when you go out together? Biletu is integrated with Paypal, making it easier for everyone to pony up.

Secured by PayPal

Chat with Friends.

Forget group chats in Facebook and Whatsapp. Chat with your friends right from Biletu and plan your activities together. No need to leave the planning up to one person. Want pics from Friday night? Share them on Biletu. No need for them to get posted where your grandma’s going to comment on them.

Easy Communication.

Easily invite friends, family and co-workers who may not have a smartphone. Biletu can send them an invitation via Facebook, email, SMS, or throw pebbles at their window. They can also participate through the event’s website. But no smartphone? Seriously?

Real-time Notifications.

Changed the meet up time? Bam. Guests notified. Your phone is in a bag of rice because it fell in the toilet again? Get Biletu notifications on your laptop. Boo ya.

Discover Events.

Sick of the same ol’ same ol’ every weekend? Biletu is integrated with Facebook events and, making it easy to stalk down something new for Saturday night.

Free V/S Premium.

Check this. When you create an event, you get to invite up to 75 people. And the event you’ve created can host up to 200 shared photos and 50 videos. For FREE.
Now let’s say you’re special. You need to invite more than 75 people. For $4.99, you can unlock Biletu to get unlimited guests, photos, videos, and more. For LIFE.

The Team Behind Biletu.

Three friends. Three countries. Working together to make one ideal app
to help you plan events with your friends.


We welcome questions, comments, critiques, feedback, suggestions, and clever pick-up lines.
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